Management Commitment 
The Corporation is committed to ensure that its activities do not result in injury and occupational diseases to people, damage to property and equipment, as well as pollution to the environment where its activities are taking place. It will ensure that the quality of its services and products meet the highest possible standards. In that regard ZMDC shall, develop implement and maintain safety health environmental and quality management systems that are compliant with international standards based on best business practices.

Objectives and Targets 
The Corporation’s objectives are to exceed the minimum legal and other requirements, on occupational safety and environmental performance in order to prevent injury, property damage, pollution and environmental degradation from its activities. This will be achieved by measuring the safety and environmental performance indicators against set targets on safety, occupational hazards and environmental aspects, generated by its services and activities.

Safety Health Environment and Quality Performance Indicators 

   •  Elimination of accidents and incidents.  
   •  Monitoring and control of noise, vibration and radiation.
   •  Land, Air and Water quality monitoring.
   •  Rehabilitation of land degradation, and preservation of flora and fauna.
   •  Sustainable exploitation of mineral resources
   •  Control of quality of services and goods/products provided

Management Responsibilities 
The Corporation shall take all necessary measures to mitigate the negative and enhance the positive impacts to the environment from its environmental aspects. Management will carry out exhaustive identification of environmental aspects and risks to enable appropriate planning of control measures to be carried out and implemented. Training of employees will be implemented to ensure planned control measures are implemented effectively and continuous improvement is achieved. Management will review the systems performance on a regular basis. This policy will be communicated to all employees, business partners, all stakeholders as well as being available to the public.

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